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The Blueprint Coaching Sessions

Small business coaching purposed to help you take your vision from concept to creation.

CEO of WEC, Mixed Talk Media, (Radio & Magazine) & MTM Studios

Starting a business is an amazing start on a journey that has all the potential to positively impact the lives you encounter! 

I remember many long nights spent researching how to start my first business, unanswered questions to challenges I faced, and the task of going back to the drawing board to redesign concepts. The process can be overwhelming. I want to help you bring your business dreams into your current space.

Together, we will define your business vision and goals by targeting your why, what, and how at your current stage. From there we will develop a plan of action through actionable goal setting designed to take your business from concept into creation. 

I have created a Blueprint designed to outline your process. I will share strategies during our Q&A sessions to help you overcome challenges and achieve your business goals.


(1)-45 minute Session

Session 1: Discovery Q & A Power Talk session

-Purpose, journey, or business/professional challenges

at your current stage.

Materials: The Blueprint (Mini Version)


(3)-45 minute Sessions

Session 1: WHY  (Vision)

Session 2: WHAT (Structure) 

Session 3: HOW (Goal Setting) 

Materials: The Business Blueprint

*BONUS OFFER! Website Development

-Basic set-up of your company's website.

**Must purchase a specific website prior to session.**


(3)-45 minute Sessions

Session 1: Vision

Session 2: Format

Session 3: Equipment & Monetizing

Materials: The Podcast Blueprint

BONUS OFFER! 50% Discount to use our studio to record/host your podcast. Located in Houston, Texas.

Shunte Gamble is a Leadership and Personal Development advocate. She is sought out by top industries and organizations to equip their audiences with the tools essential to achieve new levels in their professional careers, break barriers blocking their personal goals, and in creating action plans that promote continued growth. 

Success is a Mindset!

Shunte understands that the desire to be successful has a HUGE impact on how business professionals tend to view their progress. She also knows, that many are more successful than they realize. Although we cannot control every aspect of life, we can reform our thinking. Success is a mindset and this presentation will help attendees align their thinking and understand how patience is key to seeing the success their working to achieve.

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