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Shunte Gamble

Women Empowering Change

 Mixed Talk Media (Radio & Magazine)

The Blueprint Coach

BIOGRAPHY: Shunte is an award winning entrepreneur, best selling author, motivational speaker, and radio personality.

Shunte is the CEO of Women Empowering Change INC and Mixed Talk Media which houses Mixed Talk Radio and Mixed Talk Magazine.

She is sought out by top industry professionals and organizations to equip them with the tools essential to achieve new levels in their professional careers, break barriers blocking their personal goals, and to create action plans that promote continued growth.

Shunte on a mission to be an effective catalyst for change. She is dedicated to impacting lives through messages filled with experience, hope in loss, and success. She understands the desire to be successful has a HUGE impact on how business professionals tend to view their progress. She believes, that many are more successful than they realize. Although we cannot control every aspect of life, we can reform our thinking. Success is a mindset. Shunte is dedicated to helping go-getters align their thinking with their actions to see the success they want to achieve.

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Now What? When Talent Isn't Enough

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Keisha Robinson

Keisha Speak On Purpose

BIOGRAPHY: Keisha, possesses a Master of Science degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Human Resources. Her passion for business and her love for people is the platform that strengthens the work she has been mandated to fulfill. It's the depths of her relationship with God and her life experiences that authenticates the anointing and grace that rest upon her, as she serves those she's been called too. Through coaching, accountability and love Keisha seeks to educate, support, and assist those that have fallen prey to domestic violence, emotional or mental abuse, drug addictions, and/or homelessness. She strives to nurture the whole person so everything awaiting to come through them has a clear passage to give birth.

ABSTRACT: What do you do when talent is not enough? This empowerment session is purposed to help you cultivate valuable core leadership qualities that will elevate and accelerate your growth.

This session will focus on three core principles that have the power to limit or enhance your talent.

-Beliefs (what do you believe about your capability)

-Preparation (positioning)

-Practice (refining/sharpening)

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Balancing Growth Before Burnout

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Kieasha Hill

2nd Chance to Life Coaching

BIOGRAPHY: I am a 2x author and transformational life coach. My focus is on self-care, self-awareness and self-love. My purpose is to spread love and self-awareness everywhere that I go. I want people to remember not only who they are but who's they are!!!

ABSTRACT: How do you balance your work load and commitments? This empowerment session is purposed to provide key principles to help you maintain balance in the midst of life.

This session will focus on three core principles:

-Burnout Identifiers

-Power of Saying No 

-How to Rebound from Burnout


Champion Mindset: Redefining Success

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Dr. Toscha Lee Dickerson

Dickerson Management & Associates

BIOGRAPHY: Dr. Toscha Dickerson is the CEO of Dickerson Management & Associates. She is an international best selling author, speaker, and professor. Dr. Dickerson enjoys coaching and mentoring women about exploring self-discovery and stress management. She has shared the stage with Les Brown and Dr. George Fraser inspiring and encouraging people that they are enough. She has been seen on multiple platforms and is an advocate for small businesses. 

ABSTRACT: How do you define success?

This session will focus on three core principles:

-Utilizing Failure

-The Many Faces of Success

-Celebrating Every Win