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Our Team of Presenters

Shunte Gamble

CEO and Founder of Women Empowering Change

Shunte is an award winning entrepreneur, motivational speaker, passionate author, and personal development advocate. She is on a mission to to be an effective catalyst for change. She is dedicated to impacting lives through messages filled with experience, hope in loss, and success.

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Recognizing the Shift

Recognizing the Shift

Gabriel Harrell

CEO of Marked 4 Mastery

Gabriel was raised in a single parent home. With no father figure his development as a man was lacking, he found a mentor that changed his life. God opened his eyes to the deficiencies in manhood and challenged him to act. He accepted.

Creating the Blueprint Purpose & Vision

Antoinette Staples

CEO of Wengs 

Antoinette Staples is a ministry leader and speaker. She is the Founder of W.E.N.G.S. Ministry which hosts conferences and workshops to help women establish their identity in Christ while learning how to pursue their God given purpose with passion. She has been speaking and teaching in women’s conferences for a little over 5 years and is always excited to fulfill her calling to lead.

Creating the Blueprint

Goal Setting

Andrew Landry

CEO of Where Men Hurt 

Andrew J Landry a Graduate of WGU, with Master Degree in Christian Ministries, with focus on Pastoral Counseling. Landry is a nationally known Author and Public Speaker. He is the Founder of Where Men Hurt Foundation, a non profit foundation designed to give men a safe, non-judgmental environment to discuss issues of life. Landry is committed to providing insight and methods for improving ones life after being affected negatively. 



WEC Social- In Her Shoes


Alissa R Jones

CEO of Survivors with Voices Foundation

Alissa RaChelle Jones is a Survivor, Survivor Advocate, Public Speaker, Award Winning Author & Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient.


La Vonia Tryon

CEO of But-I-Fly Ministries 

LaVonia is a reformed Serial Monogamist that shares her struggles as your lessons in in a humorous and relatable way. She has gone from ex-girlfriend, ex-fiancée, and now ex-wife and learned to fall in love with herself more along the way.

Business Confidence

Tonja Carr

CEO of TLC Consulting

Tonja Carr is here and she is  naked with all her clothes on. Tonja was kidnapped by substance abuse but today she is the kidnapper of all abuse. "I leave you with this, hearing the story you will be empowered to know anything I can do You can do better."- Tonja Carr